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Review of USB Block Eruptors – Bitcoin Mining Hardware

{{unknown}}Happy Holidays everyone, As 2013 is coming to a close, I’m reviewing Mining Hardware as part of my research to build a Enterprise-level Bitcoin Mining Hardware operation. The current device most readily available is the USB Block Eruptor, which can generate about 330 Mh/s each. When used with a 49 Port USB Block Eruptor Hub like this one: You can expect it to produce 330 Mh/s x 50 USB Block Eruptors = 16500 kh/s Translated into current bitcoin mining performance, using this handy Dashboard caluclator…

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#Bitcoin #Litecoin Mining with a Mac

{{unknown}}If you’re like me and have a Mac computer you’d like to set-up as a Mining rig, here’s some things to keep in mind: – Bitcoin mining is generally done with ASIC computer chips, these are not your average chips as ASIC hardware is the type of processor traditionally found in laboratory computer equipment, digital cameras, and industrial computers. They are meant to process data loads and provide data outputs. Example: Avalon and KnC ASICs – but it is possible to mine with off-the-shelf computer…

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Bitcoin Mining

What is #Bitcoin Mining?

What is Bitcoin Mining? Well if you could combine computers to process heaps of information that overtime eventually breaks down the information into blocks – that is Bitcoin Mining. I started getting into it after I first read about it online, and since then I have been researching, blogging, sharing about Bitcoin Mining. To paraphrase from someone who also tried to help newbies understand this concept: “I’m not an expert on Bitcoin or anything, in fact I consider myself a newbie at this point in time. However…

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Bitcoin Mining

Beginner’s Guide to #Bitcoin Mining

1. Understanding Bitcoin First you’ll have to understand a little bit about Bitcoins, there are many youtube videos and other articles out there that are attempting to explain Bitcoins, below are some of the sources I’ve found a good place to start. New to Bitcoin? Start here! Bitcoin on Wikipedia Bitcoin Wiki What is Bitcoin 2. How Do I Get Bitcoins So now you understand what are Bitcoins and you wanna know how you can get some. Simply put you get Bitcoins by buying them,…

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Bitcoin USB Block Eruptors – the Quickest way to start Mining

If you’re set on trying out this Bitcoin mining thing, I recommend starting with the USB Miners.
– They’re inexpensive
– Easy to manage
– It works

Unlike the expensive bitcoin mining rigs which bit mining professionals are known to use, USB Miners are efficient for the amount of hashes per second it generates and for the power consumption it requires. They’re quiet so its great if you’re going to be putting a mining rig in your house/apartment/office, and if one breaks down you don’t have to perform any complicated tasks to find and remove the faulty Eruptor.

You can expect to make about $9/Week with 1 x USB Miner

Bear in mind that:
The current value of 1 Bitcoin is $799 USD
Difficulty Factor is 609482679.888
11.8% increase in Difficulty in 5 Days

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Getting Started with Bitcoin Mining

To get started with Bitcoin Mining you need to understand that this is both an investment of your time and money. As hardware is getting more expensive with the demand of Bitcoin and interest in commercial Mining rigs, it is going to be a factor of high demand for low supplies of the newest and greatest technology in Bitcoin Mining. The first thing you need to do is: 1. Are you going to buy Mining equipment or try to build your own machine 2. How…

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Bitcoins, Litecoins, and Other Crypto-Currencies

Do you have a computer? Then you’re able to Mine for Bitcoins. Apparently it’s as easy as downloading a program onto a computer and having it run in the background, you can even sit around while it starts printing money. — This is partially true, but ignores the fact that your computer will probably not make it and your electrical bill will also be a disaster. To successfully Mine for Bitcoins, Litecoins, or Namecoins (will explain the difference in a seperate post) – you need…

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